To effortlessly handle all your contract-to-close transaction documents and procedures and keep you focused on growing your business & closing more sales.

How It Works:

A Real Estate Transaction Coordinator (or “TC”) is a unique & specialized virtual assistant who is exclusively focused on the menial, repetitive task-list involved in every single real estate transaction’s contracts & closing process. This includes activities like:

  • Gathering signatures
  • Tracking critical documents
  • Managing TC software (Paperless Pipeline, EZ Coordinator, Reesio, etc.)
  • Dealing with title, escrow, property management, etc.
  • Scheduling inspections
  • Final transaction audits

Your Real Estate Transaction Coordinator is there with you from the moment you get the contract signed, till the moment escrow closes & your commission clears. The Real Estate Transaction Coordinator’s only mission is to carry your process smoothly from contract to close so you can focus on your actual business. This means they’ll follow your procedures strictly, and integrate themselves seamlessly with your existing workflow.