To help you generate leads, pre-qualify new potential clients, gather information on properties, and ultimately help you close more sales.

IMPORTANT: 40 hour minimum commitment required.
Due to the exhaustive nature of training an agent for a new telemarketing campaign, we require a minimum commitment of 40 work hours to begin. This is to keep agent morale high and ensure you get the best quality work & workers.  These 40 hours can occur in less than a week or over as much as 1 – 2 months. The important factor is committing time enough for your team to develop a systematic, cost effective calling routine.

How It Works:

Telemarketing for real estate agents is one of our most popular & requested services. We are very strict in our voice services, only hiring high quality VAs who speak excellent English. We treat our telemarketers exceptionally well, and we train them even better.

When it comes to telemarketing for real estate agents, you probably already know all the obvious choices (and we probably have a proven script for it). If you don’t already have a list, we do provide real estate list building services to get you the data necessary for a successful telemarketing campaign. Some of our most popular real estate agent telemarketing campaigns include callings lists like:

  • FSBOs
  • Probates
  • Pre-foreclosures
  • Divorces
  • Non-resident owners (investors)
  • High net-worth individuals
  • Circle prospecting

The most important thing to consider is your own unique specialties, and how the telemarketing lead generation will integrate into your existing sales processes. Real estate agent telemarketing – like any telemarketing campaigns – can be unpredictable, with many ups & downs. However, it’s all a numbers game, and we have plenty of clients just like you who are making it work profitably.

We have proven scripts to help you get started, and can set-up the phone systems, auto-dialers, and unique caller ID numbers for you all at no additional charge. Whether you bring the list, or you need us to provide it, our real estate agent telemarketers are ready to help grow your business.