To help you qualify new leads, assign prospects to the correct follow-up campaign, create smart listing alerts, and set appointments.

IMPORTANT: 40 hour minimum commitment required.
Due to the exhaustive nature of training an agent for a new telemarketing campaign, we require a minimum commitment of 40 work hours to begin. This is to keep agent morale high and ensure you get the best quality work & workers.  These 40 hours can occur in less than a week or over a month. The important factor is committing time enough for your team to develop a systematic, cost effective calling routine.

How It Works:

Our inbound sales team responds to real estate inquiries received from your website and other online and offline marketing channels.  We respond to prospects who download your mobile app, call or text about one of your listings, register for a home value estimate, attend an open house, are a past client, or are received as a referral. The inbound sales team use a soft, customer-service approach to make inquiries and offer additional information.  Through this process, we enter and update leads in your database as well as categorize them by hashtags and priority.  Our methodology is to first identify a customer’s needs, then systematically connect with them through consistent follow-up by exploring solutions to their needs.  Finally, we advise them on their options and set an appointment to meet.